Fine Art Photography by tgchan








Fine Art Photography by tgchan

" In life, you can only choose the ways, which were already chosen for you... "


New photograph every weekend~

" For years I have been seeing beauty of everyday life, places, objects... not quite sure what to do with all that... An invisible link between worlds which has always been pulling me in... How can you explain it to someone? The strange energy of awe that is coming from certain places, moments and things... How can you share them when they are so fragile that every second might be their last... "

Tomasz ' tgchan ' Grzmil

tel: 888-400-542


( New film every day )

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STOP Turn or Reverse by tgchan


Ladies in Red by tgchan


Gamut Stand Up by tgchan


Love is a Bubble by tgchan


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Yearning by tgchan


Bandage Man by tgchan


My Shy First Model by tgchan


Loner by tgchan


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Hurt by tgchan


The Child's View by tgchan


Locked in Emptiness by tgchan


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Concrete Shrooms by tgchan


Woody Tiger by tgchan


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Archangel by tgchan


Why by tgchan



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God, Honour, Fatherland by Tgchan


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Breakthrough by Tgchan


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Scrawny by Tgchan


Settlers by Tgchan


Medusa by Tgchan


1938 by Tgchan


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